Die Mädels

Hier sehen Sie die Mädels der Vibrations Zucht.

Ch. Bootsie`s Lilliana. USA Import, American SH. Silver Tortie Tabby

CH.RW. Vibrations Sephora, American Wirehair Silver tabby, SPGC,RW.GR.Eu.Ch. Inverness Hero & Vibrations Ferrero

BCh.RW. Vibrations ElleElla la, American WH Brown Patched Tabby, GC.Inverness Bobby Brown & NC.Ch.Vibrations Jamaica Maple

Vibrations Elouise. AWH Straight. GC.Inverness Bobby Brown & NC. Ch. Vibrations Jamaica Maple

Vibrations Dahlia, AWH Straight Silver Patched Tabby White GC. Cacao in the Twist & Ch. Bootsie`s Lilliana

Vibrations Ferrero.. AWH, Littermate to NW. GP. Vibrations Delta Dawn, Gc.Cacao in The Twist & Vibrations Franziska